Monday, August 12, 2013


Monday is quickly escaping me. I have been neck deep in renovations for the last six weeks, yikes. But I did sign up for posting this week so fear not I will. Just I have to wait until Wednesday because I am going to be blogging about a book a dear friend of mine just told me he published. The teaser is that we've featured his blog here before and I know the book will be profound. In fact I'd like to highlight a few books that have come out of our movement in Canada. I'm thinking of Tim Davidson's Passport, Gary Best's Naturally Supernatural (which we use as a textbook in the ThoughtWork's curriculum), Peter Fitch's Learning to Interpret Toward Love and the book I'll talk about Wednesday. I'm sure there are others. If you know of a helpful book written by one of our Vineyard family let us know. If you want to write a review of a book from our family let us know that as well. One of the most profound resources these books provide is in conveying the journeys of our people as they minister and reflect on their years of ministry. 

Talk to you all Wednesday. 

Frank Emanuel, Ontario Region

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