Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Falling is Easy...

OK, so it is Wednesday.

Falling is Easy, Walking is HardI was delighted earlier this week to get an email from my dear friend Colin Benner. I met Colin maybe a year or so before he and Denise came to pastor a church that had been adopted into the Vineyard but was in a messy situation. Colin and Denise are some of the wisest leaders I've ever met, and it was amazing to watch them bring that church to a place where they could healthily close their doors. I know that sounds odd, but they started with a real mess. When they left, they left behind healthy people who were at a place where they could choose how best to honour God. The Benner's are no strangers to tough church situations and now to tough life situations. Many of you who know Colin will also know that he's been battling cancer for the last while even while they pastor a church in Thailand.

Now I do get the odd email from Colin, telling me how he's doing and asking for prayer, but this one was telling me about the book he just finished: Falling is Easy, Walking is Hard. I managed to get an advance copy today and have had a bit of time to leaf through it (virtually as it is a kindle book). I love that I hear Colin's voice in the pages and can't wait to have time to dig right in.

I want to encourage you to pick it up. I'll do a proper review when I've had a chance to read it. But I have not problem recommending it right now.

Have a great week!

Frank Emanuel, Ontario Region.

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