Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conference Season.

Hey all. Our Matte Downey was at the American Academy of Religion (Regional) this past weekend and the Annual Society of Vineyard Scholars meeting has just passed. I'm keen to have reports on both of these events. My own efforts are being put into preparing for Congress in Victoria at the first of June and teaching Eschatology at Saint Paul University this month. We also have more regional pastors gatherings happening. Thanks Matte for the excellent report from the Atlantic Regional Gathering. There is a lot on the go - it might disrupt the flow of blog posts around here for a bit. If you were at any of these meetings or gatherings (or even others that I'm not aware of) and you can give us your thoughts we'd love to hear it.

Also I'm still looking for an environmental activist to participate on a panel I'm organizing in Victoria. The topic is eschatology and ecology. I have two other scholars representing different streams of thought on the subject (I'm bringing in an evangelical perspective). The panel is Monday, June 3rd from 7-8:30PM in room B135 of the Cornett Building (UVic). Even if you don't know someone, would be great to have you drop in for the session. Should be a rich conversation.

Frank - Ontario Region

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