Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Theologian is the One Who Prays

This is definition of a theologian comes from an Eastern Christian saying, and it seems fitting today. I had too much on my plate to post yesterday and somehow I'm not convinced I had anything more relevant to say than a call to prayer today. 

My heart is heavy over the incident in Boston, but also heavy that I do not pay more attention to the many violent acts that occur across the globe. This world is so full of tension right now. Our family visited a local Anglican church this past Sunday and we were struck by how attentive the prayers of the people was to specific situations around the world, it reminded me that the first act of a newly baptised Christian (during times of persecution in the early church) was to pray for the world with the church. The church was known as those who met to pray for the world. So today I would call us to become aware of what it going on beyond our national boarders and to pray.

I am also deeply concerned for my friend Colin who is in need of a healing touch from God. Colin and Denise have a deep connection to the Vineyard and are pastoring in Thailand. As I pray for him I am humbled by the depth of need around me. Life is fragile. We need God. So today I would call us to pray for God's healing power to be released.

I also spent time this weekend with a group of LGBT people who have faced extremely hurtful marginalization - especially from the church. Hearing stories of abuse always disturbs me, but when I realize how much I am part of the problem - especially in my silence - then I know my need is God. Relationships are fragile. We need Christ's mercy. So today I would call us to pray for God's restorative power to be released. 

God let your freedom have its way with us. Freedom is something we've stolen and made our own. The freedom you offer is the freedom to do what is right and good. Come lead us Holy Spirit, into all that is true, good, right, and holy. We need You God. 

Let us pray.

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