Monday, November 19, 2012

When Fundamentalists Talk Back

Pastor Luke Geraty
I was pleased to see that Tanya Luhrmann's book "When God Talks Back" finally arrived this past week (I pre-ordered the paperback.) I have been following quite a lot of the conversation that this book has been generating amongst Vineyard scholars and practitioners. Luhrmann is a psychological anthropologist who spent time in two Vineyard churches studying an evangelical faith that asserts we can and do have a relationship with a God who talks back to us. Not just in the big thundering voice of Zion way, but in the everyday lives of real people who love Jesus and seek to walk with Him daily. I can't wait to dig in for myself and I'll definitely post my observations here. But I wanted to point you to my friend Luke Geraty's response to a recent interview Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's Albert Mohler conducted with Luhrmann about her book. (BTW Luke pastors Trinity Christian Fellowship (a Vineyard) and blogs regularly at Think Theology.) Mohler, it seems, has no love for the "hippie" Vineyard movement (not enough hell talk for his liking). This is surprising considering the Russell Moore also teaches there?

I commend this article for your edification.   

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