Monday, October 22, 2012

New Voices in Canadian Evangelical Theology

I just returned from the first in a new series of conferences sponsored by the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (CETA). These conferences partner with universities and colleges in an effort to promote excellence in academic scholarship among evangelicals and those who study evangelicals. This first conference was in partnership with McMaster Divinity College. Attendance was excellent and those who came engaged in lively conversations around 18 different papers and a keynote address by Brian Walsh (Colossians Remixed). Anthony Pyles won the award for best paper for his work on Psalm 88, he has been invited to publish his paper in CETA's journal the Canadian Theological Review. I didn't attend the biblical tracks so I'm looking forward to reading his paper when it is published. There was a lot of variety in the papers - from systematics to scripture scholarship. I was particularly taken by Rachel Tulloch's paper where she was asking what it would be like for us to privilege the voices of the poor and marginalized over the voices of the academics. She drew from her congregational work with Sanctuary in Toronto and presented a compelling work of pastoral theology. My own paper seemed to be very well received. I presented on the foundational work of Carl Henry which my own theological project extends - specifically his challenge of eschatology found in The Uneasy Conscience in Modern Fundamentalism. Walsh presented on the topic of Romans and Homelessness. His talk was primarily a targum of the book of Romans which emphasized the theme of home. It was nice to hear something so artistic yet poignant.

Frank Emanuel - Ontario Region

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  1. Thanks, Frank. It's encouraging to hear what's being talked about and wrestled with in the academic world.