Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Greatest Instinct

I think that we all (as inall of us, every single person) worship something.  We worship because we must.

We humans have been performing acts of worship since the very beginning.  We are more or less unified as a species in our glorification of “Something Other”.  In fact, it seems as though it is a law of our nature.  I have often considered that we seem to have very little in the way of natural instincts beyond eating, sex and being frightened by loud noises.  We don’t instinctually build dams, or navigate thousands of miles each season to mate at precisely the same local like some of our counterparts in the animal kingdom.  We don’t hibernate or build nests.  If we build a dam or hop on a plane to go to Honolulu, it is due to acquired knowledge or a result of planning.  We just don’t seem to have a lot of built-in instinct.  But we do seem to WORSHIP instinctually.  

Right now, outside my window, it is raining.  The rain falls down from the sky, and then pools in the lowest available spot on the ground because of gravity.  Gravity is a natural law which so far has proved to be pretty much universal.  Is it a natural law that humanity worship?  I believe yes.  

But what about current western society, where there is so much unbelief, so much G(g)odlessness?  Have we managed to kill the instinct here?  Have we domesticated belief to the degree that it’s truly irrelevant?

There is a solid argument to made that we’ve simply shifted our worshipful tendencies over to consumerism (we worship our what we buy, we buy what we worship).  I also think that perhaps nature again provides an excellent metaphor for our uphill battle in “THE WEST” to reclaim our proper role as worshippers.  

Rain falls down, right?  

The correct answer is, eventually.  However, I think that you will find that in a tornado, water goes every which way, but is generally headed up.  Storms can do a lot to temporarily counteract the force of gravity, but it’s widely known that gravity always wins eventually 

Perhaps the portion of humanity bound up in the west (and remember that this is VERY small percentage of the global population) is simply caught up in a bit of a spiritual tornado.  A temporary, yet devastating storm that will eventually fizzle, but not without effect.

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