Saturday, March 17, 2012

You Are Here.

If you are reading this, then you have found the brand new home for the National ThoughtWorks Blog. We are excited to have you here.

Readers of the Ontario ThoughtWorks Blog will be happy to find all the old articles ported over for ease of searching. Our hope is that this blog will be a rich asset to your ministry. We aim to include articles that will inform, inspire, challenge, and even equip you to do the things that God desires from your life and ministry.

On this blog expect the following kinds of articles:

  • articles on approaches to mentoring and discipling 
  • reviews and discussions of books and tools that Vineyard folk (and others) have found helpful 
  • articles on upcoming training opportunities that you can get involved in 
  • reports from past events from folks who have attended 
  • and articles on theological work that is relevant to Vineyards in Canada

To serve you we have assembled a writing crew made up of great thinkers from Vineyards across Canada (and we are still interested in more writers if you want to join in). The goal is to have something new for you every Monday, just as we tried to do with the Ontario Regional blog. But here we will also include upcoming training/equipping events and links to important resources (such as the National ThoughtWorks Website.)  These links will be on separate pages accessed by the tabs at the top of this page.

Just as before, we still want you to participate with this blog. If you have an idea for a post or series - pitch it to us. Want to report on an event you attended - we would love to have you do that here. Want to comment and interact with the posts here, by all means. A blog is more than just info bytes - it is a community and a conversation. There is nothing more satisfying to a blogger than having a comment show that the message was helpful, or at least thought-worthy, for someone else. Another way to put this is, think of this blog as your blog. Jump in in whatever ways you like. And don't be surprised if I come after you at various gatherings to share your experiences and heart on this blog.

Oh and make sure you follow this blog, it is encouraging to see our community grow!

A quick note on commenting - there are lots of spammers out there so we do cull comments that seem like spam. In the comments, no questions are off limits - but we do ask that comments are always kept civil. Our purpose here is not to definitively solve the important debates that beset the Church today. However, we are more than willing to engage in the conversations that might help folks find their way through those debates. If you want to engage in deliberate theological conversation, especially conversation that goes beyond the mandate of this blog, then you really ought to join in the conversation at the Society for Vineyard Scholars facebook group. Over there you will find another great group of people who regularly tackle the important issues of our day.

OK, that is enough of an intro, expect our first article soon.

Frank Emanuel - Freedom Vineyard, Ottawa, Ontario

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  1. It looks great Frank! Can't wait to read some of your bright assembled teams thoughts...